Brave Bumblebee

Allow me to introduce you to the bravest bumblebee (or the stupidest) in the neighborhood:

The lavender plants around our neighborhood have been swarming with bumblebees lately, but most of them are very skittish.  To be fair, I have to get extremely close (my minimum focus distance – about 9 inches) with my camera even to get a photo that I can crop to a decent framing of an insect-sized object – but as soon as I begin to approach, most of them fly off immediate.  I can clear a lavender plant in about three seconds.  (This is contrasted to the normal, non-fuzzy bees, which don’t seem to mind being photographed.)

So I’ve been despairing of getting a good shot of a bumblebee up close, until yesterday morning, when I encountered a bush full of bumblebees, most of which flew off immediately when I held my camera close …

… but one of which stayed calmly in place.

It was quite funny; once they start flying, I usually choose one and try to trail him with my camera, clicking away, hoping I might possibly get a decent shot.  I started on the usual operation here, and as you can see in the previous and the next photos, my chosen subject flew away – but Brave Bee remained stoically on his flower, completely unconcerned.


And he just kept staying put.  I moved around, changing my viewpoint – didn’t bother him.

He shifted a little, himself …

… and kept on eating.

4 thoughts on “Brave Bumblebee

  1. Who would’ve thought there could be variety in bumble bees?! It reminds me of Tristan wanting food as an infant and not letting anything deter him — in fact, he took charge of the other kittens and made sure he got what he needed.

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