I passed a little cucumber plant that had a big cucumber on it growing in someone’s little front yard, maybe the week before last.


Then just the next day, it was gone, along with all other signs of fruit, or so I thought.

But a few days ago, I was walking by again and at first thought that there were still no cucumbers …

… but on closer inspection, there are at least three tiny ones growing!

I shouldn’t be surprised, since there were a good number of flowers on the plant – but I was.  So many little signs of fall have been showing themselves, that despite the raspberries still in profusion at the farmers’ market …

… and the roses still in bloom outside our back-neighbor’s fence …

… I can still hardly believe my eyes.  How can we have gotten so lucky as to live in a place where we have the growth and production of summer and the beauty of fall all at the same time?


2 thoughts on “Cukes

  1. I like the discovery of the cukes, the roses and the raspberries. It is interesting to contrast summer and approaching fall, and to be thankful is the greatest act we can offer those around us.

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