Off to Explore


Our original plans for Labor Day had to be postponed (due to graduate school stress, but not mine any longer, thank goodness!) but only after John had already requested today as a vacation day.  We certainly didn’t want to waste a perfectly good four day weekend, so we’re going to be exploring around the area for the next few days.

I’m re-posting one of my favorite photos of Oregon so far, from the 4th of July when we drove up to Fort Vancouver for fireworks.  Hopefully we’ll see lots more of the beauty of the area this weekend.


So: Happy Labor Day to everyone, and I hope you have a good weekend, and I’ll see you Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Off to Explore

  1. That is a gorgeous farm! Enjoy the time together. It seems like you and John give and give and give to others and have taken very little time for the two of you over the years. At least days when the stresses of everyday living were off. So, do enjoy!

  2. If you ever have a day to explore & feel like a little drive – I recommend Silver Falls State Park. It’s stunning, although crowded in sunny weather and long weekends. …just a thought….

    • We are definitely putting this on our list of future adventures to try. We’d already made an outline of our weekend by the time I read your comment, but I do appreciate the suggestion! After this weekend, we are even more eager to explore more parts of the state.

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