Columbia River Gorge

While the lack of rain made for a pleasantly dry road trip, it came with a significant downside: by the end, our white car and our white dog were both a sandy shade of beige-y gray – and since we’ve got house guests arriving at some time on Friday, this situation needed some attention today, along with a weekend’s worth of laundry, grocery shopping, setting up the guest bedroom, and so on to catch up on – and washing the car and bathing the dog are both rather long and unpleasant tasks, the latter more so since both the washer and the washee are being tortured simultaneously.

So … I’m only going to be posting a few photos a day here until … next week sometime?  I have so many from our weekend excursion that I like, and would like to share, but not enough time to sort through them all.

(Side note: if you are one of the uncomfortably large number of real-life friends and family members who are waiting for me to read, help with, mail, photograph, advise about, write, finish, et c. something for you … I hope another day or two or five will be OK.  As soon as I start cleaning the house I realize the windows should be washed, and the porches, and the spiderwebs swept away, and I can see my week being swept away also.  I intend to tackle some projects and non-guest-preparation tasks on Friday, depending on what time they arrive!  In the meantime, I’m sorry I haven’t done it yet.  If not Friday, I will definitely get to it on Monday.  Or perhaps Tuesday, or Wednesday.

And also: I only say “uncomfortably” because I feel bad that there are many people waiting on me for something, not that I don’t wish to help.  I do!)

I like the travel-journal method for posting about our trips, so I thought I’d start with our drive upriver through the Columbia River Gorge.  The historic highway (route 30) has a couple of viewpoints that provide sweeping panoramas of the river, the first of which is Chanticleer Point, from which you can look quite far upriver.


Next stop is Vista House, which is a (nearly) hundred year old observation building on Crown Point, which is the dark protrusion from the right in the previous photo.

We walked around, looking at the scenery …

… the smallest of us appreciating the handily-sized viewing areas built seemingly just for him.


We stepped briefly into the observatory, also …

… which is very pretty, all marble and bronze and swirly glass …

…. but pales (for me) in comparison with the landscape outside.


Heading further East from Vista House, the road winds into the woods, and we pass into the waterfall territory.



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