Lunch at Multnomah Falls

After leaving the scenic-overlook section of the historic Columbia River Highway, we were ready for lunch and headed straight for Multnomah Falls, bypassing several of the other falls waterfalls.  (Not to worry, we returned to them later.)  At the base of the falls is the Multnomah Falls Lodge, which appears mostly to be a restaurant, special-events venue, and tourist way station.  We’d had some other places in mind for lunch, but we’d started out later than we intended (surprise!) and wanted to take what we could get.


The restaurant is about what you would expect from such a place: cozy and beautiful, with an ambiance that fit excellently in with the historic highway drive and a previous stop at Vista House – but serving food that’s just OK.  Certainly not bad, but certainly not worth the very high prices that they charged, either.  I’d recommend it with a caveat: go for the experience, but not the cooking.



(If you’re wondering about Maxwell, he stayed in the car.  John found a parking spot in the deep shade, and with the windows down and a bowl of water he wasn’t happy to be left behind, but fine.  We retrieved him right after lunch for the walk up to the waterfall.)

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