Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls are Oregon’s tallest, and very pretty (although narrower than we’d expected).

Here’s John at the very base of the path leading up to the best vantage point – you can see the upper falls well from here, and the viewing bridge, and the lower falls beneath.

Once you get up to the bridge, it takes some nerve to step out onto it.  It’s quite pretty, but looks old …

… and it’s a pretty long drop to the ground or water beneath.

It’s worth venturing out though, for the view of Washington, past the Columbia River to the north …

… as well as the clear view of the upper falls (first photo).

We didn’t want to risk Maxwell on the bridge, though, so he and John stayed to the side – although I’m pretty sure the wall was too tall for him to see properly.


4 thoughts on “Multnomah Falls

  1. That falls does look thin, but it is end of summer, not much water coming down. Check it out sometime in a winter freeze if you can – the whole falls gets frozen in motion. It’s pretty neat, although treacherous to get to. And in Spring just after snow-melt, the falls is up in volume and impressively large. This goes for Silver Falls State Park too. Right now all the falls look skinny but they’ll be fat again by Spring.

    It’s fun to take a tour of Oregon with you right here from my office chair. I’ve only been to Crater Lake once, and I think I need to go back!

    • Thanks! I am feeling a little disjointed since this week (and last) have been busy with guests and catching up on post-vacation chores and things, but hopefully the tour will become more cohesive as I go along.

      It’s good to know they’re more full at times; I wasn’t exactly disappointed, but surprised, and I would like to see them earlier in the year during the bigger flow rate. And the frozen falls sound really awesome, too – although like something we’d have to do without Maxwell. Thanks for the tip! I love having you as a blog reader, since I feel like I’m getting the inside scoop on so many things around Portland!

      • O good. I was hoping not to come off as a know-it-all, but I’ve lived here all my life so I’ve been around most of the state. And I love Oregon with an Oregonian-like fanatacism. :)

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