Bridal Veil Falls

On our first trip to Oregon, four years ago in November, John and I decided to use our one free day to see the Columbia River Gorge, the waterfalls, and Mt. Hood – but unfortunately only got as far as the Bridal Veil Falls parking lot when we discovered a tire rapidly flattening on our rental car.  It was a slightly drizzly but pleasant day, and we were in absolute awe over the beauty and lushness of the Gorge, despite the grayness – and despite the flat tire, still remember that day as one of the happiest travel days we’ve had.  (The flat tire wasn’t too bad: we walked down to look at the falls, and then John used his Tire-Changing Hero skills to quickly get us mobile again.  Plus, a very kind woman gave us some of the rags she kept in her trunk so John’s pants didn’t get too wet and dirty – and they were nice, hemmed, absorbent, non-linty rags.  I’ve still got them in my rag basket.)

So first, in memory of a happy but tragically foreshortened day, I give you the Bridal Veil Falls Parking Lot of Doom.

No such misfortune befell us on this trip, which was in part our four-years delayed continuation of that day.  We got our of the car with no telltale hissing, and headed down toward the falls.

The path comes in about mid-fall height, and there is a nice viewing platform from above, as well as a rocky area that you can scramble to below.  We chose to go downward, first…

… where Maxwell refused to cooperate for a family photo …

… but I got a pretty shot of the falls from below.

But from above you can see better where the falls get their name: it’s a wide, flat falls, very much like a layer of tulle.

Unfortunately, this was where the dirt and dustiness of the trails first became apparent.  Since Maxwell has proportionately short legs for his body size, we’re not supposed to let him walk down too many stairs (or jump off of anything too tall), so John picked him up for the climb down from the upper platform – and got some paw print art on his shirt and neck in return.

And it just went downhill from there.  As I mentioned before, he wasn’t even close to white by the time we arrived home on Monday.  But apart from the unavoidably dustiness, we were quite glad to have a visit to this particular falls accident-free.


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