Dee, Oregon

Dee is pretty much a zero-horse town just north of Mt. Hood – just a railroad crossing, a sign, and some old company buildings in the wilderness, almost literally.  (The Mt. Hood National Forest, which borders Dee, has several different wilderness areas in it.)

So how did we end up in the middle of nowhere on what should have been a straightforward drive south from Hood River to the Mt. Hood area?  Story coming Monday….


4 thoughts on “Dee, Oregon

  1. I have sat in the sun on the loading dock of one of those old buildings for a work lunch, years ago, when I worked for the USFS out of Parkdale in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Funny that you found that spot! Big happenings in Dee!

    Also, If you were to drive the right fork of that strange intersection, it would take you to Lost Lake, a delicious find! …or maybe you did and that’s your story for later…

    • It sounds like a nice and peaceful place to eat lunch – but given the dot size on our map, we were expecting something more. Maybe a gas station or grocery store, and a restaurant? I guess by the time you read this you may have seen my next post also, so perhaps I’m repeating myself, but: we did end up driving accidentally all the way to lost lake and are sad that we didn’t have enough time left in the day to stop and explore, but that was not our intended destination. I think it’s on our list of places to return to sometime, though, now.

      • Yes I just read your next post and see what your surprise journey was! Lolo Pass Road is a charmer in the summertime and often becomes impassable in the winter due to both snow and washouts. (thus the gravel section) Glad you took the road less travelled by and enjoyed the adventure and the solitude.

        There are several “towns” on the map that seem to have oversized dot indicators in my opinion, even on updated or current maps. I don’t know why that is but it’s a fun little quirk as long as you got gas somewhere already.

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