… is what happens when we visit a new river, and get too caught up testing the coldness of the water …



.. and taking photos of the rushing stream …

… to remember to think about the whole “shutter speed” thing while trying to take a simple photo documenting our location.

(The Little Zigzag Falls trailhead – and the shot I was attempting to snap in the first photo above.)

It looks kind of cool, though – the poor-technique cousin of the first million-dollar photograph?

2 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. I like it. Photo mistakes are fun. I once was trying to shoot some diving ducks of some kind in a pond and every time I clicked the shutter, the duck would dive, and I’d just get the ring of ripples. I did about 8 or 9 ‘missed shots’ and then I got him coming back up. Looking back at the series – I just love it! …well…I pared it down to just 3 ripple shots & the actual duck. But the mistake shots are a fun thing to keep hold of – for me anyway. My Mom & sister delete thier mistake shots on the spot.

    • Ooh, your duck diving series sounds great – the ripple shots sound like they would really lend a good satisfaction and context to the duck himself. Some of my mistakes are really terrible, but some turn out quite interesting. The one I posted this afternoon makes Max look just like the free spirit that he is, I think…

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