Like Clockwork

It’s not quite the first official day of fall yet, but here, it might as well be today as tomorrow.  Like apparent clockwork, we woke up to our first gray and drizzly morning of the upcoming fall and winter season.

Certainly the fall colors that have begun to show themselves in the last couple of weeks are very beautiful …



… but the drizzle took us by surprise, and Maxwell and I did not leave the house expecting to be rained upon during our morning walk.


Max was particularly put out.  When we arrived back home, he kneaded and shoved his bed until it was entirely under a dining room chair – he’d pulled it halfway under yesterday afternoon – and has spent the rest of the day so far grumpily hibernating.


It’s so different from last year, which we understand was an unusually delayed fall season. A year ago today was our first full day here, spent unloading our Penske and sweating in the warmth and sun.  It will be interesting to see how the weather this year compares to last year’s.  I hope it’s half as nice as last year, which was surprisingly dry, given what we’d expected going in, and full of brilliantly gorgeous leaf colors.


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