A Very Large Spider

I have almost missed my post-per-day goal today – I was working on many things, and rushing to get dinner together early so John and I could go out to watch the Seahawks game (they won!) and now that we’re home – almost forgot my post.  I still have photos to post from our mini Tour of Oregon, and we spent a good part of this Saturday at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, but in the interest of making this short, here is a huge spider that Maxwell and I saw on our walk this morning.  I was crouched to the sidewalk, taking photos of beautiful fall leaves, when I suddenly realized this enormous arachnid was looming practically over my head.  After recovering from the shock, and mustering my courage, I crept close enough to get a couple of photos….



It was about an inch and a half long, including legs.  Denise – is this guy one of the harvest spiders you mentioned a couple of months ago, that come out in the fall?




5 thoughts on “A Very Large Spider

  1. Glad for you that you and John went out and enjoyed game. Such a complex creature the spider is…legs, sensory, web making….and surviving. Tx for photos. Love, Rob

  2. Yep, that’s a harvest spider. A nice big one. :) Great photos. I keep seeing more and more of these out & about as the weather turns cool. They’re completely harmless to people, but people do tend to be creeped out by them.

    • I do remember you saying that they were harmless, and generally spiders don’t bother me too much any more – but I have to admit, this one was creepily large.

      In Austin, we learned to live with the constant companionship of spiders, insects, lizards, scorpions, tarantulas (although we never got a tarantula actually inside our apartment, thank goodness!), and giant cockroaches, and developed a live-and-let-live policy toward all but the last three. (Also immediately ejected: velvet ants/wingless wasps.)

      However, this spider was big enough that it gave me a start, and I had to take a deep breath before sticking my hands scant inches away from its web…

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