Apple Picking

While John’s parents were here visiting, we decided to go apple picking.  There were no orchards near Austin, and we hadn’t been since a quick jaunt after watching Jonathan skate in Milwaukee a few years ago.  So for our first full fall in Oregon, we made it a priority to take an apple picking excursion.

We picked a farm that was relatively close by us, that had Honeycrisps (my favorite) ripe and ready, and that would allow Maxwell in the orchard, and headed over.

The main barn was quite pretty and nicely arranged with flags, an old scale, a piano, and various items (orchard honey!) for sale ….

… but sadly the experience was not quite what we expected.  When I was young (in Illinois), and the last time we went (in Wisconsin), apple picking is an Event involving perhaps a ride out to the orchard, ladders, climbing, exploring the lanes for the best fruit.

At the left of this photo, though, you can see the edge of the orchard:

… and you might notice that the trees are very, very short, which made for a much different experience than we’d expected.  No “long two-pointed ladder sticking through the tree,” no feeling “the ladder sway as the boughs bend.”**

Each tree was maybe 6-8 feet tall, and absolutely loaded with apples in various stages of ripeness.  I believe we each visited a handful of trees in a handful of minutes, and had as much fruit as we could possibly want; John and I came home with over 10 pounds.  (I should say – plenty of “apples I didn’t pick upon some bough”** !)

Excellent for obtaining a cheap, easy, and fresh supply … not so great for a fall harvest afternoon of fun.  I didn’t even get any photos after this last one of the barn, it all went by so quickly.  Walk out, nab some apples, bam.  Done.

I think we’ll probably revisit the same place, when we just need to restock our supply of apples, but try to find another place (maybe a pumpkin farm?) for a more autumny experience, sometime before the rain starts for real.

** Robert Frost, “After Apple-picking”


9 thoughts on “Apple Picking

  1. Julianne, we so very much enjoyed being with you on this outing. The apples were not only plentiful, but every bit as tasty as one might hope. May we do it together again!! Love, Rob

  2. i had an apple tree in my back yard and i remember having to pick all the apples before the crows and starlings came… and the top ones were so hard to get!
    Sounds like you had fun!!

  3. Pumpkin farms are fun but be prepared for epic crowds on the weekends. And wear your mud-boots even if it’s sunny because those farmers seem to water their fields! Go figure. :) I haven’t been apple picking in ages either. My grandma used to have a few regular-sized trees, but I’ve also notice the trend towards no-ladder-needed sized fruit trees. Too bad. Ladders are fun for harvest tourists (although I imagine for comercial crops – not so much)

    • Hmmm … maybe we’ll have to pick a good drizzly weekend to go out. (Then we won’t feel so strange about the boots – plus maybe there’ll be less of a crowd?

      I agree about the apple trees. I’m sure this new kind is much more convenient if you are making a living on them, but it’s not as fun for the tourist. (Good and accurate word choice!)

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  5. Hi there, you may already know about this but starting this Friday there is a free apple tasting event at Portland Nursery (5050 SE Stark) over the next two weekends. Music and workshops and apples and pears galore apparently. I’m going for the first time this year. This is my second fall in Portland (and the US) and I’m doing lots of things I didn’t get around to last time – and a pumpkin patch is definitely on my list! Quaint Americana, love it.

    • Ooh, thanks for the tip. I did not know that, but it does sound fun. This is our second fall here, and the last one was very busy – I was in school, we were trying to find a home, and John was beginning a new job – so we’re also trying to participate in some autumn-y fun.

      Thanks for visiting!

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