Meet Bruno (with a face!)

Here he is – as of this morning, finally finished and done – Bruno!

(Just so we’re clear, “Meet Bruno” is the name of the 80 year old pattern I used to knit him – I’m not using my post titles to forcibly insist that you greet my new creation.)

Anyway, as you can see, he now has cute little toes, and a nose, and a rather mustache-like mouth, and eyes.  I finished the embroidering weeks ago (perhaps in August?) but the placement and style of the eyes eluded me until this morning, when I decided – enough already, he needs to see!

There was a great (internal) debate whether to embroider them, or to use boot buttons – and the buttons ultimately won, based on their ease of application.  They’re black, and perhaps a little harsh against his more brownish-gray pads, nose, and mouth (the subtle color of which does not show up properly in the above photos) but whatever – he’s done, he’s got eyes, he’s got a properly hand-made “bearinality” – good enough for me.

Although after having him stand around for many weeks, I do wish I’d put a little more stuffing in; it has compressed a little, making him somewhat … saggy unless I stand him up just right.

Maybe if I get up the courage, I’ll rip out his side seam and stick a little more in there one of these days.  Just a touch of reconstructive surgery…

I would like to thank everybody who helped out my sister-in-law with her survey yesterday – it is much appreciated – and maybe give a little reminder to anyone who thought of taking it but forgot, or decided to wait until later.  Thank you to those who have taken it already!

10 thoughts on “Meet Bruno (with a face!)

    • Thanks! I think I agree. I liked him as a plain, faceless animal, but I do think I like him more now. I still love your word “bearinality” – and if he has one, it’s definitely more apparent in his completed form!

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