Little Zigzag Falls Trail – 1

Some of our photos from our Little Zigzag trail walk….

At the Little Zigzag Falls trailhead are the remains of an old bridge over the Little Zigzag River that was  part of one of the first highways built out to Mt. Hood from Portland.  At least two people have requested their ashes to be left here.

The hiking “trail” to Little Zigzag Falls is more like a gentle walking path, with picnic tables and benches…

but the adjacent river flows vigorously for its size.

I had more fun times slowing the shutter wayyyy down, and contrasting the vibrant, splashing, roaring feeling of the fast shutter speed (above) with the smooth, flowing feel of the slow shots. 

Although in the some of the shots – like the two below, quite close to the water – the slow shutter (to me) gives a greater sense of the speed and vigor of the river.

In the next two, I think the first (fast shutter) makes the water look rough, roiling – 

and like in the first set, the slow shutter turns it back into smooth and powerful.

And would a p-w l post be itself with out gratuitous cute Maxwell shots?  I think not – so here he is venturing out onto a log.

We were comfortable with his ability to balance, since he absolutely loves to walk along curbs and beams and painted stripes in the road – he’s happiest with a little personal path to follow.


8 thoughts on “Little Zigzag Falls Trail – 1

    • He’s cute, isn’t he? Have I told you about the time we parked about 3 parking spots away from my parents, and left Max in the car with the windows all the way down for just a moment to regroup with them. Forty five seconds later, we step back to the car, and Max had jumped onto the windowsill – the edge of the door into which the window had retracted – and was standing up there anxiously looking for us.

      (He seemed steady enough, but it was pretty scary to watch. We don’t leave the windows all the way down anymore….)

      • What a guy! Hunny’s favorite spot when visiting my parents’ new house is is a half-wall that overlooks the living room from the 2nd floor – about 12′ up (? not sure, but super high) – scares the crap out of me!

        • Yikes! I’m glad Max can’t jump very high… that would freak me out, too. (Of course, cats are so much more agile and steady on their paws than dogs.)

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