Little Zigzag Falls Trail – 3

This is the last set of photos I have from our Little Zigzag Falls walk…  I probably should have pared them down a little more, but the water was so beautiful, and our morning there was so fun and refreshing, that I can’t help hanging on to the memories.  (… and foisting them on you, while I’m at it.)

John and Maxwell clambered down toward the bank …

… where John admired the view, but Maxwell was a little bored until he noticed a Log!  See how he’s staring up at it?  I like to think he’s contemplating how to get up there.

Thankfully, he didn’t try – that would have scared me a little – but he definitely seems to know his physical boundaries.

Speaking of which, he needed a little help getting back up to the path.

After snapping so many (and more) shots of John and Maxwell, I decided a self-portrait was in order also, at least to prove I was there … but it turned out OK, I think.

We then turned back, stopping for the beauty of the river a few more times …


and headed out, under the fallen trees.


2 thoughts on “Little Zigzag Falls Trail – 3

    • Thanks! And we did enjoy it, and were so glad that someone at breakfast recommended it to us. We were going to head straight to Mt. Hood, but she said it was a short, pretty, and worthwhile stop along the way…

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