Mount Hood

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We had Timberline Lodge on our list of top places to visit ever since watching the Craft in America tv series – and I’ll post some photos from the lodge itself soon – but of course before Timberline comes Mt. Hood.

John was very excited to have arrived!

I feel pretty silly not to have known, and perhaps even sillier to admit it in public, but I didn’t quite realize until we arrived that TImberline Lodge is named that because – get this – it’s right at the timber line on the mountain.  Whoa.  As you can see in the driving-up shot, the trees get pretty sparse, and then once you’re at the parking lot – that’s the end of the forest.

Here’s a nice shot of the mountain, with a surprise.

Did you find it?

….A furry friend: a Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel!  (I think.)

We headed up the path toward the ski slope (still open Labor Day weekend) and some hiking trails…

… including the fabled Pacific Crest Trail.

We actually didn’t do much walking/hiking, because although the day had been cool in the forest, it was quite warm up in the bright sunlight which we hadn’t dressed for – and it was getting quite close to lunchtime for us.  So we wandered a little bit up and down, taking a couple of photos of the view …

(Mt. Bachelor rising out of the hills above Timberline Lodge)

… the Mountain & its surroundings …

… the lodge’s Amphitheater …

… its front elevation …

… and ourselves …

… as the sum total of our whirlwind mini-tour of the mountain.  It’s definitely a place on our To Revisit Very Soon list!  We’d like to have spent more time on the trails.  Soon!


3 thoughts on “Mount Hood

  1. Nice. Also, have you seen the movie “The Shining” ….. anything look familiar? I have not heard of Craft in America series so I’ll add it to my queue to check out.

    • Oooh, yikes. I have seen The Shining, if it can count as being “seen” by someone whose eyes were closed and ears covered about 75% of the movie. I don’t really enjoy scary films… but someone talked me into it. I definitely did not remember the front of the lodge, but I just looked it up, and – whoa. I’m kind of glad I didn’t have that association going up the first time!

      We definitely enjoyed Craft in America, although some segments were better than others – it covered a huge range of types of craft work. Some of the furniture was just stunning. I’d say the furniture makers and Timberline Lodge were my favorites… and I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more fiber arts/crafts, but it was interesting to see the breadth of work they covered.

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