Purple Potatoes (and Harvest Spider 2)

At last weekend’s Farmers’ Market, I picked up some purple potatoes – which turned out to be purple all the way through.

I thought they were beautiful and interesting, and asked John to take some photos (messy countertop and all).  Our market has turned out to be a great source of interesting veggies this summer…  These went into a hash, diced and cooked with garlic and onions and bacon, served with chard and sunny-side up eggs on top.

(On a separate note, I think the eggs may have been channeling some sort of googley-eyed alien in my sauté pan…

… no?)

And on an extremely separate note, I got another harvest spider!  I have been seeing them all over in the last month or so (as predicted by my loyal reader Denise), but many of them seem to sit on the web with their backs toward some protection – a fence, wall, tree, bush, etc – which has made it very hard to get a photo of anything other than the underside.  But last weekend, I finally got one with its back to the camera.  Hooray!  (This one was much, much smaller than my first – probably only 1/2″ long, or maybe a little bit bigger.)

Happy weekend, everyone…

4 thoughts on “Purple Potatoes (and Harvest Spider 2)

  1. I’ve never tried purple potatoes, but they look interesting. And yay! another harvest spider. They are so interesting. I’ve seen quite a few but not as many as usual this year.

    • To be honest, the purple potatoes tasted about like a normal new/red potato; but they are very pretty, and are probably more healthful with all of those colorful chemicals in them. I think that the more colorful a vegetable, usually, the more healthful it is.

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