…the fun, twirly kind, that is!

Even though I’m no longer eight years old, I still have to throw a couple up in the air every fall…

But I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed these beautiful reddish-purple ones before moving to Oregon last fall.  Have you?  Have I just been looking at the wrong trees until now?


I think the most likely explanation is that I never truly appreciated fall until we moved to the wasteland (Austin) and now that we’re back someplace with beautiful colors, everything shows up vividly, and I am noticing more than I did before moving south.

6 thoughts on “Helicopters

  1. I love the whirling helicopter seeds and I also have to toss a few every year and watch them whirl down. I remember once in science class the teacher dumped a huge bucket of collected seeds from the roof of a building and we were supposed to track to see which ones dispersed the farthest. I don’t remember the results but it was quite an experience to watch thousands at once go whirling down from several stories up.

    • Ooh, that sounds like fun. What a pain to collect a bucketful – but what a payoff in dumping them all out. (I’m not sure I’d have the patience to collect so many – you must have had a very dedicated teacher.)

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