Chilly Mornings

With the rain the last few nights, we’ve slept with the windows closed, but until very recently we’ve had our home open all night long … and had recently been waking up to very chilly mornings.  Several mornings in a row we had condensation that had formed on the space where the open window overlapped with itself…

and our thermostat speaks for itself.

Even though it looks like the next few days will be clear and dry, I think it might be time to start keeping the windows closed overnight. (…or at least to obtain some extra blankets!)

So that’s all for today … just a little weather report for our far-flung friends and family members.  I’ve been working on a post about Timberline Lodge, and have all of my photos in order, but to be honest it’s a little overwhelming to figure out what to say about the place – there’s so much history and grandeur in the place, but I had only about 10 minutes to absorb it when I visited – and have an even shorter space to convey it to you.  But I’ll get there soon, I hope.

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