Debate Bingo

I do not say this to disparage our political process, but after having watched the first two debates this month, John and I pretty much gave up hope of learning anything from them.  The candidates seem to repeat themselves, talk over each other, struggle for Alpha Male dominance … but not say anything new or unexpected.  However, we are Americans of Voting Age, and Eager to Take Part in the Election, and therefore are committed to watching the debates to the bitter end.

However, that doesn’t mean we have to be bored to death watching adult men squabble: John came home last night with the brilliant idea of playing Debate Bingo, and hastily made out some cards.

We had been confused as to which of the last two debates was the town hall one, and which was on foreign policy, so our cards were littered with “Palestine” and “enriched Uranium” and “troops on the ground,” which of course were never uttered – but energy dependence was frequently mentioned, and there was one explicit foreign policy question asked, so we were able to complete the game.  (I’m actually thinking that if we make cards next week, we should make them primarily non-foreign policy related – otherwise it might go way too quickly.)

Sadly, I didn’t win – John and I each had a row that only needed “Iran” to complete – mine with Bush, Libya, Oil, and Security, and John’s with Bin Laden, Obamacare, Afghanistan, and Commander in Chief – and Romney’s response to the Benghazi attacks question tied us up.  Boo.  I was looking forward to some sort of exciting prize at the end.



6 thoughts on “Debate Bingo

  1. Julianne and John,

    What an outstanding idea!!! Quick like a bunny, copyright this, patent it, or what ever you can protect this and get this to market!!!

    You are really onto something here.

    I love you, Me

    • Hmm, unfortunately I am afraid it wasn’t a new or original idea – and it would lose some of the fun not to make up ones own bingo squares, perhaps – but it was a good way to spend the debate. I imagine we will be making up new cards next Monday…. :)

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