Foiled Hopes (Maxwell and the Cat)

A couple of days ago, Max and I were walking along, when I noticed a pretty white cat.  “No problem,” I thought, since there was a decently tall wall next to the sidewalk. “Maxwell will never know it’s there.”  The cat could hear Max, and was standing absolutely still (presumably until the danger had passed).

But somehow, some way, Maxwell smelled or otherwise sensed the cat was there, because just as we had almost gone past, he stood up on his hind legs; he had discovered the new Friend.

Sadly, much as he wagged his tail, his new Friend was not interested in coming any closer to say Hi, or join in any sort of sniffing ritual.  And try as he might, jump as high as his little legs would allow, stand on his tippiest tip toes….

Maxwell could not get himself any closer to the new Friend.

For the rest of the walk, Maxwell was jittery and jumpy.  Every single thing that might have been his new Friend the Cat, he insisted on checking out – just in case.

Sadly for him, most of the items were rocks, pumpkins, and other non-cat fall decorations.

He ended the walk despondent – hopes dashed – Cat Friend unmet.  Maybe next time, buddy…

7 thoughts on “Foiled Hopes (Maxwell and the Cat)

    • I have to say, I was somewhat tempted to help him up a little, but I am pretty sure that the cat did not understand his friendly overtures, or that all he wanted to do was sniff and say Hi. I think that, sadly, the cat would not have appreciated my intervention….

  1. I feel despondent for Maxwell. I have one of those taunting kitties, who likes to sit on the balcony and meow sweetly at passing dogs on leashes and blink her green eyes. She’s hard to resist. She’s got one special Friend who is a big enough dog to go nose to nose with her but then he gets so excited he barks his big dog bark and his person pulls him on. Their’s is a tortured sporadic friendship but it’s clear they just love eachother. I hope Maxwell finds a friend.

    • Aww, what a picture you paint. Your cat sounds very cute, and just the kind of friend Maxwell would hope to have – I can imagine him staring longingly up at the balcony.

      There may be hope for his having a friend, soon; some friends of ours just picked up a new puppy yesterday, and we are going to meet her this evening. I think he’ll have more luck sticking to his own species … although unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have accepted that idea yet. (He did have a brief and tumultuous friendship with a kitten, once; we visited my parents for a few days, and they had great fun playing together. Sadly, by the time we came back again, the kitten was a cat and would not give Max the time of day.)

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