Katsura Trees: Awesome

The street behind our condo is lined on both sides with Katsura Trees …

… which as we discovered last fall, are pretty much the best thing ever.

When their leaves begin to turn yellow and fall, they smell exactly like caramelizing sugar.

It also seems to be true that bruising them releases more of the scent, so that walking along a street full of squashed, fallen leaves, even in the rain …

… is perhaps (close to?) becoming my favorite fall experience.


2 thoughts on “Katsura Trees: Awesome

  1. I wonder if you gathered some dry ones for inside if they’d keep their smell for very long? Or what would happen if you simmered a few?

    • Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. Most of them have been damp here for a while, and gathering soggy leaves to sit around the house doesn’t sound super great – but maybe simmering them would be a good way to bring the smell inside. (Of course I could always just boil some sugar, but that might get pretty expensive pretty quickly in both calories and money.)

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