This is Just to Say

First off, thank you to everyone who left feedback in the form of poll votes and comments on yesterday’s post; at this point it looks like adding a regular knitting rotation is somewhere between fine and good – so if you feel strongly otherwise, please head back to that post and let me know.

Some neighbor has put up a poetry dispenser in our neighborhood – just like a real estate flier box, or a doggie bag dispenser – but anyone can come by and either leave some poems, or pick one up if they like.

I stop by every few days, to see what’s there.  Sometimes it’s genuinely good poetry, sometimes homemade poems (of various levels of readability), sometimes jokes.**

But my top favorite entry was left in the box sometime last week.

Have you read William Carlos Williams’ poem, This is Just to Say?

The poetry dispenser dispensed it, along with an excellent response poem by Erica-Lynn Gambino that says what perhaps most of us are thinking when we read original.


**The top three stupidest “poetry” entries that I have seen are:


2) Roses are red.
Wine is also red.
Poetry is hard.

3) U > *clip-art bacon picture*

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