Maxwell and Puppy Friend Lily

A new friend of ours here, Crystal, just got a new puppy: a black and white Cardigan Corgi that they’ve named Lily.  Maxwell got to meet her on Friday evening – which went quite well, although he got a bit worked up.  She barked at him quite a bit, wanting to play; he flinched at every bark, but kept wanting to sniff and find out what kind of being this hyper little ball of energy might be.

This afternoon, they got to meet for the second time.  Crystal and I have been getting together each week to knit together, and today for our knitting afternoon, we tried bringing both pups along.

Lily barked at Maxwell a little more at the beginning, but after being held and calmed for a while, they seemed to be able to peacefully coexist.

Even though Lily had her own beautiful blanket (that I got to watch the knitting of, over the last couple of weeks) …

… she was quite interested in Max’s bed at the beginning.

Maxwell was not so sure about this development … and pretty much decided after a few minutes that he was not a fan.

However, after hanging out under the table for a while …

… eyeballing the camera a little …

… and smelling Maxwell a little more …

… Lily collapsed in a heap, all tired out, on the concrete – not the bed, not the blanket.

Maxwell was perfectly happy with this; he reclaimed his rightful place …

… and eventually fell asleep also.

After the naps, I got to hold Lily a little, receiving some nice puppy kisses, and one not-so-nice one (up the nose).

We’re all glad to have a new puppy friend about, but especially Maxwell – he’s going to have much better luck with her than with his unrequited, hoped-for cat friendships, I think.


8 thoughts on “Maxwell and Puppy Friend Lily

    • Yeah, she doesn’t look terribly corgi-like right now, except for the really short legs, but I guess the ears begin to stick up around 12 weeks which obviously will make a big difference. She does have the huge, pointy corgi ears – they’re just flopped over at the moment. (I think the Pembrokes are tailless, though, so she’ll always look a little odd for a corgi with her long tail.)

  1. I’m a little jealous myself of Lily’s blanket! Great colors and patterns! And also of Lily’s eyebrow whiskers – wow! :) Glad Maxwell gets to know a new buddy.

    • I know, I’m pretty impressed with Crystal’s blanket, which she just winged over the course of a week or two, using some scrap yarn she had. (She’d originally bought it for baby sweaters for some Packers fans, which is why the dominant colors are green and yellow.)

  2. Awesome post! :) You got some great pictures of Lily that I might have to steal from you. Hopefully Lily will learn to be a good, calm dog like Max (even if it might take a little while).

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