Perfect Maple

I have to post this photo of my current favorite fall tree.  It’s not the best photo I’ve ever taken, but it is of one of the most beautiful maple trees I have seen this year.

(It’s actually made an appearance here before; it’s the maple that’s just beginning to turn in the second photo in this post.)

It’s pretty from a distance, but standing underneath its branches (as I was when I took this photo), all the light turns golden and beautiful.  It’s like being under a very thin domed slice of a very huge cantaloupe.  I am not a cantaloupe fan, so that thought is actually not the most pleasant for me, but it’s the closest color match I can think of.  Anyway – that’s what I was trying to capture here.  The orangey light cast on the fence, the perfect gradation of colors from red at the branch tips to orange, to yellow, to just a handful of still-green leaves in the center.


8 thoughts on “Perfect Maple

  1. A truly beautiful maple! And, wrt previous maple post, our IL trees have no seeds at this time of year — that must be why I haven’t seen interesting colors of whirlybirds.

  2. I love the leaf glow and your photo captures that glow well. This is my favorite weather. Pouring rain and bright trees. There’s no way to feel as cozy without the cold wet weather to contrast the warm cozy feeling. It all goes together so well.

    • I’m not sure it’s my *favorite* season, since I love springtime too, but it is wonderful. Beauty and chilly weather outdoors, cozy blankets and tea indoors. Perfect!

      (At least until it’s time for Maxwell’s walks, and we have to brave the rain. It’s fine for me, since I can change and make myself a cup of tea, but the poor little buddy has to endure a vigorous toweling off, and still doesn’t finish air drying for another hour or two… But thankfully it hasn’t been pouring very much. The drizzling isn’t quite so bad….)

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