Cauliflower Fractal

Today has been a very busy day; we had some bookshelves and a new bed delivered, the latter of which is particularly exciting.  We sold our bedroom furniture before moving up here, which was good since it had been mine since I was about 7, and fit for a 7 year old girl’s size and aesthetic – but it means we’ve been sleeping on our mattress and box spring on the floor for well over a year now, and we are very glad to finally have a bed.

But I haven’t had much free time today for posting.  I thought I’d just post this odd oddity that we found last week on one of our last heads of farmers’ market cauliflower.



See that weird line, like our cauliflower got into a fight and has a horrible scar leftover?  The super weird part is that the mini-florets form a sort of an inverted fractal pattern around the line…



Weird, huh?  (Or is it not?  Is this a common cauliflower occurrence I just haven’t noticed before?)


Any thoughts? Leave a reply here!

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