November Glads

This is incredible – unbelievable to me, almost – but I took this photo this morning while walking Maxwell.

Same glads that were in bloom three whole months ago… and evidently blooming again.  I was surprised, to say the least.  I wonder if all of them are going to come back, or if it’s only that one plant that got confused – but I guess we’ll see over the next week.

Happy weekend everyone – mine will be full of yarn and knitting, and family budgeting.  Fun!*

(*Of course budgeting is not always fun, but we try to look at it as a question of what we can do with our money, not what we can’t afford, which makes it overall quite pleasant.  I’m kind of hoping we discover that one thing we can do with our money is buy a new mattress; it would be nice to have one to go with the new bed, as our old one is quite old, and quite firm, and beginning to move in the direction of quite saggy, also.  You may not believe that it can be quite firm and quite saggy at the same time, but I promise: it’s possible.)


4 thoughts on “November Glads

  1. interesting bloom time — BUT we have a newly planted last spring foxglove that is growing nicely and seems to have started a bloom a week or two ago, its now 4-5 inches of bloom and continuing to mature, even tho we have had some 30ish nights i believe. also on top of a lilac we have a couple of mini blooms going. I think I’ve mentioned iris blooms in fall and just found that is called a remontant iris, which one can buy. only found one ref showing a picture of a fall foxglove. so i guess it does happen.
    on the foxglove mom says it may be a special breed — we shall see next year. stay tuned/

    • Wow, lilacs and foxgloves – that would surprise me too. We did have a cold week (highs around 50) and then a warm one, so like Denise said, maybe the flowers think it’s spring? Although I always think of gladioli as a summer flower … I guess I’m not sure what to think. There are quite a few other flowers (daisies, roses, hydrangeas) that are still holding on from the summer, but this is the first I’ve seen that looked completely dead, and has come back. All of the others have been blooming continuously.

      It will be interesting to see what your foxglove does…

  2. I think it’s just feels so unseasonably warm, although rainy. I haven’t even turned my heat on yet. I’ve closed my perpetually open summer windows but have been plenty cozy without heat. I think plants may be a little confused. They may think it’s March instead of November. If I see crocus, then I’ll be confused too.

    • I think you are right, and that cold(er) spell a few weeks ago followed by this warmth has befuddled the glads…. Although it looks like it’s going to get chilly again in a few days, doesn’t it? We also have closed our windows, but refrained from turning on the heat, and been very glad to live in such a mild climate. (We did have to add a third blanket to the bed during that particularly cold week…)

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