The End of an Era

I know that that title sounds grim and dire, especially in the wake of an election day, but this particular ending era has nothing to do with the wider world: only our little home bubble.

I just thought I should update you on an important personal matter; we’ve dug into the very last pint of Haagen Dazs in the freezer.

Hard to believe, I know, but there it is.

We aren’t quite to the end yet, but I think it’s time to start hunting for sales again….

6 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. That’s like a pint every 3-4 days. Considering there are 2 of you, I would say that’s amazing self-restraint! When we buy a pint, it last across 2 sessions at most. My favorite is the coconut pineapple!

    • I wish I could say Thanks and leave it at that – but to be fair, I should note that we’ve been out of town twice, and have had other desserts also since we bought all those pints. I’ve made brownies twice, and baked a couple of cakes … so we haven’t had quite as much restraint in the dessert department as the numbers might initially indicate. I think we’re about like you – we can get 4 servings (or perhaps 5 on a good set of days) out of a pint.

  2. About the ice cream sales, since ice cream is *never* on sale here, I’ve taken to buying coupons online. Turns out there are a bunch of haagen dazs coupons on ebay. Maybe that would

    we use it when Josh suddenly feels the need to buy eight gallons of orange juice, or when seasonal ice creams come out and I want to stock up. I get the coupons for OJ on ebay first and I don’t have to wait for a sale. And then our fridge AND freezer are as stocked up as yours!

    • Wow, good idea. Although we might buy way too much ice cream if we could obtain coupons whenever we wanted…. (tempting!) Of course, one might say that buying 40 pints at a time is buying way too much, anyway.

      I feel a little embarrassed about this post (and its predecessor), in such stark contrast to your anti-hoarding minimalism. I do admire your goals, and we are striving for similar things in our home – to keep what we really need and want and use, and not to simply store things for the wrong reasons – but then I go out and get a freezerful of ice cream. At least it’s somewhat justifiable, in that we ate it in a timely way, before it went bad, right?

      • in my mind, it’s not hoarding if you actually use (eat!) it! I envy your brand loyalty. I think I have cullinary ADD because I get halfway through a tub of ice cream and decide I’m bored and need to try a different flavor and brand. End result is several tubs of half-eaten, wasted ice cream that I have to work hard to make myself throw out. I’m impressed that you guys don’t get bored of HD!

        • Wow, yeah, I’m the exact opposite. I get stuck on a brand, and nothing else tastes right. It’s kind of helpful, actually, because then although I really, really love HD (for instance) it’s easy to say no if someone’s offering Breyers.

          (P.s. I’m glad you don’t think we’re over-hoarding! Whew. :) )

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