First Sweater (knitting motivation)

The sweater is not going well.  I finished the garter stitch edging on Saturday morning, but when I tried the whole thing on – I was not as pleased as I hoped I would be.  The body fit quite well (and I’m glad I didn’t rip back for the pleat problem), but the hood shaping was not what I wanted.  I only wish it had been apparent before the whole thing was stitched together and bound on the edge.  But it wasn’t, so after all of that work, Saturday afternoon was a long, unhappy slog of unravelling the edging, un-sewing the hood and body, ripping back the hood….

As you might imagine, my goal of finishing the sweater by Thanksgiving is looking unlikely to be accomplished.  I could probably do it, but now that our new bookshelves have arrived, our living room is full of piles and piles of books, in the midst of being sorted and arranged – and now is definitely not the time for me to drop everything and knit for a week straight.

I’m feeling a little downhearted about the project, having ripped back twice, unlikely to reach my finish date goal, so I decided posting photos of my first sweater project, to remind myself that it’s worthwhile to keep working on it, a little at a time, despite the setbacks.  Something good will come out of this, eventually.  Right?

(Bonus: new (still empty) bookshelves in the background.)


This was not a perfect sweater, but I am quite happy with it as my first effort: I enjoy wearing it, and feel like it fits decently well (although I ran out of yarn so it’s a little shorter than I originally had planned) which is about as much as I could have hoped for!


I didn’t follow a pattern for this, exactly.  I have Stefanie Japel’s book Fitted Knits, which I had read and studied, and used her basic raglan shaping for a sweater whose gauge matched mine with this yarn – but I modeled the huge cowl neck and slightly flared sleeves  on a huge, cozy machine-knit sweater that I own and love, and did some side shaping and bust darts (no short rows) sort of on the fly.



(Perhaps I will take some photos of the original inspiration sweater and post them side-by-side one of these days; they really look almost nothing alike.  I didn’t intend them to, apart from the cowl and sleeves.)



At any rate: self: do not give up, do not give up, do not give up…


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