Homemade Quilt, by Mom

Our home has really begun to feel more homelike lately, with the new bookshelves covering our huge living room wall, and our new bed – but yesterday a non-surprise came in the mail that has boosted our home’s homeyness yet another level:  a new quilt, made for us by my mom!

(Please ignore the old box spring under the bed & boxes in the corner…)

She did it almost to-order for us.  She picked the piecing pattern, but we got to help choose the fabrics and thread color and quilting pattern.  We’ve seen it in person in various stages of its construction, and plenty of photos along the way, but it was quite fun to open the box and see the actual finished, quilted, bound-off spread right there in front of us.

It’s very beautiful.

Here’s a more detailed shot of the quilting….


… and one of the contrast fabric used for the edging and binding.


I’m so excited to have a real bedspread.  John and I have been sleeping under old polar fleece blankets for a lot of years, and are very happy and grateful to have a less grad-studenty look to our bedroom now.  (And once we have a new coat of paint and a dresser or two – who could ask for anything more?)

Thanks Mom!


11 thoughts on “Homemade Quilt, by Mom

    • Aha – I hope your gentle nudge works.

      (Although the amount of work that goes into making a quilt seems overwhelming to me, and after watching Mom do it, I can’t really understand why anyone would want to do it unless under the strictest necessity of repurposing old and scrap fabric…. but I think other peoples’ hobbies can frequently look a little crazy to the outsider, so if they say they enjoy it, I’m sure they do. :)

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