Books: Progress!

I think after two days we’re getting somewhere.  The shelves are filling up…

… the tower is towering higher (and the other boxes are being collapsed) …

… and the piles of textbooks to be sorted are growing ever smaller.

I think we’ll get there – if not by Thanksgiving, at least the week after.  The project feels much less overwhelming in this state than Tuesday’s version.

Perhaps after we’ve got the final (for now) set of books on the shelves, and in the right order, I’ll have a virtual library tour here.  I liked hearing everyone else’s ideas on books, and moving and sorting them, and I feel like I haven’t really said much about what we’re doing – only posting photos and waving goodbye – but it’s hard when I’m in the midst of it.  I don’t want to take time to write about our books right now.  I want to get them off the floor!


7 thoughts on “Books: Progress!

  1. Please tell me the Tower is of empty boxes. I have been imagining you going up and down a huge ladder while awkwardly lugging a heavy box of books!

    • Yes, those are (some of) the empties! We were collapsing them at first, or leaving them piled around in the hallway area, but then started piling them up and adding to the tower each emptied one.

      (We do have a ladder tall enough to reach the ceiling, but yes – it would be a death wish for me to try to cart a book box down it!)

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