Blustery Day

The wind is whipping the trees outside our window (a little hard to capture by photograph)…

and the rain has been pouring down our windows all day (even harder to capture) …

… and it’s given the day a feeling of laziness, particularly for Maxwell.

He was rather shocked at the idea of having to get out of bed …

… and I suppose he had a good reason to distrust me.  He doesn’t have a raincoat, but he does have a puffy winter jacket (a Christmas gift from John’s parents last year) which, unfortunately for him, is water resistant.  He does like wearing it when it’s very cold, but is not such a fan in this warm-ish weather.


Hopefully he will forgive and forget by the time his evening walk rolls around … but I’m not so sure.

6 thoughts on “Blustery Day

    • Now that is a good idea – a little raft, with a little gang plank that he can walk to the end of to do his business. I love it! (And it certainly seems like we had enough water yesterday and this morning to keep one afloat.)

  1. He is so cute in his coat! Turns out Lily loves the rain and wind. Provides puddles to jump in and leaves to chase through the air!

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