Home again

After a lonnnnng trip back from the opposite corner of the US, we have returned home from our little Thanksgiving trip – perhaps slightly worse for the wear for having overindulged for five days straight on tasty but not-quite-as-healthy treats, and definitely feeling rather sluggish this afternoon.  Maxwell (from last night) well represents how all three of us feel right now.

I see a glint in his eye, though – so hopefully after an evening of being cozy and lazy, we will all be up and ready to go tomorrow morning.  I have a lot I hope to get done this week and next!


11 thoughts on “Home again

    • That was definitely him – he spent the trip being petted overtime, and being fed all sorts of human-food treats and his favorite dog treats each day. Contented might not be a strong enough word. Does Hunny get spoiled at your mom’s, too? Or does she just like traveling?

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