Wintry Day

In the handful of days we were gone, winter seems (almost) to have descended around Portland.  Yesterday was bright and beautiful but very nippy, and today was a perfect wintry hazy day – not raining (thank goodness!) but with a pale, frosty light filtering through all day long.

I say almost because we have a few last vestiges of fall left around, including, amazingly, this little maple tree outside our door.  I’d thought its leaves were all done turning, but evidently not quite; a good strong wind over the weekend must have shaken off the fallen brown leaves that had been nestled in its branches, because suddenly it had one last, bright bough.

I have been sorting books and plowing through laundry.  (How is it that on a tiny little trip, we come home with load upon load of dirty clothes?  I think an airplane is the opposite of your standard sock-eating dryer monster … somehow, all the items in your suitcase are multiplied in the cargo hold, or something.)  Our books are coming along quite well.  The ones to display in the living room are now all up on the shelves, and the others have been sorted into their various final piles: books to keep on the upstairs shelves, books to keep elsewhere books to sell, books to donate, books that (sadly!) are probably no longer wanted by anybody.  Those last are the toughest for me – but there’s no point in lugging them around any longer.  Hopefully they can be happy in their recycled-paper second lives.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to begin raining again, and not let up for a while perhaps – which is OK with me.  We have visitors here the week after next, so if all the rain is rained out by then, so much the better.  I’m going to be inside anyway, working on unpacking and organizing the final set of boxes from our move last year.

4 thoughts on “Wintry Day

  1. I can taste the changing season with that description, enjoying your last visual vestiges of fall. And, I relate so well to laundry and its ability to multiply.

  2. I’ve been loving the wild east winds lately. Cold, yes, but fun to watch all the clacky leaves scurry along the sidewalks and roads. These last vestiges of Fall have been lovely this year. Good post depicting the season.

    • Lovely: exactly. I feel overwhelmed with the loveliness of the whole season, beginning to end. (I hope that it’s not just a reaction to the horrible falls in Austin, and that even after several more autumns here, I continue to feel this way.)

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