Happy Home Day

Today is a happy anniversary for John and me; we closed on our very own home a year ago today.

(One might argue with the words “our very own” if the bank owns more of it than we do, but … we’ll just ignore that part for now.)

Despite the happy day, I am not so happy with our home at the moment.  I’ve made quite a lot of progress on the final unpacking hurdle, in large part thanks to your sympathy and advice and helpful comments – but my method of unpacking turns out not to be at all conducive to congenial, homey feelings.  But there is one spot that we unpacked immediately after moving, and has been a very cheerful spot for me ever since: our kitchen!

Happy Kitchen

It is not large or fancy, but with about 4 times more counter space than I ever had before, and two huge windows it may be my favorite room in the house, so – even though it is not that tidy, itself – it seems the best place to celebrate our one-year home anniversary.  Hooray!

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