Tree & Home Progress

After a work-filled, weekend, we have made progress.

1) The living room was for a very brief moment devoid of both books on the floor and boxes.  We seized a non-rainy moment on Saturday morning to go pick out a Christmas tree, but once home realized that we were going to need someplace to put it, and commenced a round of speedy box-collapsing and book-moving, and suddenly: an uncluttered living room!  (Of course, moving the to-donate and to-sell books to the garage didn’t help the situation down there….)

Sadly, the living room’s tidiness lasted such a short amount of time that it was, in fact, unobservable (in the Physics sense of the word: I did not get a picture).  No sooner was the floor clear, than it had been re-inhabited by a rather fat tree, and two boxes of Christmas decorations and paraphernalia.

Tree, waiting to be decorated, and mostly-tidy living room.  Yay!



Hopefully in the next few days we can get those decorations onto our chubby little tree, and the boxes back downstairs.

2) We have been making steady progress on the upstairs unpacking mess, but it’s still not in good enough shape to photograph – but one area that has seen great and unexpected improvement is.  We have a “ninja closet” (i.e. a short but large storage space) in the basement, and what was until last week a clutter of packing boxes is now a neatly arranged set of packing boxes.  John took all the little, item-specific boxes and slotted them into the big ones, and collapsed the extras, so we now have a large open area.

Mmm, muddy tennies

Packing boxes in back (in front of the furnace), long-term storage boxes to the right, and Jonathan’s rather muddy hill-running tennies in the left foreground.  Go John!

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