I have too many:

Partly-used containers of lip balm:

Lip balms

OK, I realize that six is not that many, numerically, but it looks to me like five more than I ought to have – especially since I am sure there are more lurking around someplace.

Rolls of exposed but undeveloped film:

Rolls of film

There’s actually another one, also.  I found the fifth hiding in a pile of blankets after taking this photo.  These must all be from my poor-student phase of loving to take photos, but not always budgeting for the cost of development.


Souvenir and Memorial rocks

All souvenirs of one sort or another.  All lovely, especially when wet.  But perhaps I only needed one from each place….

Outdated road maps:

Road AtlasesUnfortunately, these are only the ones that were packed in boxes upstairs; I believe we have two or three in the car, also.

Boxes of notecards:

Lovely lovely notecards

My problem here is that I end up loving a certain set of cards so much that when I get down to only a couple left, I stop using them.  Bad!

Small bags:

Small bags

Unfortunately, the bags pictured here…

Medium bags:

Medium sized bags

and here…

Large bags:

A. Lot. Of. Bags.… and here, are only some of the full set of bags that we own.  These  just happened to be immediately at hand when I wanted to take photos.

I think I may not need any more bags.

However, we are definitely making progress!  I took quite a large load of poor-fitting clothing and no-longer-needed items to a donation center just a couple of hours ago, along with two huge bags of cloth recycling.  Hooray!

(Also – my apologies for the photos.  I was concentrating on the de-cluttering task, and completely neglected useful things like, say, white balance.  The photos were taken in different spots at different times this morning, which is why the carpet is a different color in almost every shot.)

9 thoughts on “I have too many:

  1. Atlases don’t really need updating every year. My Mom & I used an atlas from the 70’s when we road-tripped Oregon, Idaho, Utah & Arizona a couple years ago & did marvelously. Well…there was this one highway we ended up on that was not on the map at all, but it appeared to be going the right direction and sure enough, we got where we were headed. And maybe a few times we ended up on roads that looked big on the map, but were teeny and indirect on the earth, but it was fun! And it was a good reminder that the journey is the whole point.

    I have WAY too many bags too. They procreate in the closet and bags I never used to have show up from time to time. They’re hard to throw out too, because they are so useful….just sitting and accumulating in profusion in the closet.

      • OK, so – valid point about the road atlases. I suppose I don’t care as much that they are out of date as the fact that we have five or six of them. If we just had one in the car and one in the house, that would probably be plenty. (Of course on top of the full-US atlases, we have plenty of local and state maps, some of which I have inherited and are very old – ~40 years. While I agree that most roads don’t change much in five or ten years, those are definitely past their usefulness!)

        And you nailed the bag problem exactly. I am given them as gifts – I am given them as hand-me-downs – I buy them (once in a while) or make them – they are handed out as freebies left and right – and I can hardly stand to get rid of any of them, because I don’t have any others of that particular size or style or color, and it might be useful for something! The kicker is that most of them I *do* use, if infrequently. I have a huge old canvas bag (the off-white one with navy straps in the back of the last photo) that I would never carry anywhere – Mom bought it on clearance at Land’s End and it has some random initials on it, and the canvas is getting worn and holey – but whenever we take a trip by car, it becomes the ideal place to pack shoes. Agh!

    • Yep. There they are. And as I mentioned, that’s not all… (Of course they aren’t all handbags; I was collecting bags of all sorts, so there are pieces of luggage and various other things in there too.)

      (And HOPEfully, I will not have quite that many, soon…. I just have to decide which to keep and which to give away.)

  2. Wow, these photos sent me on a trip down memory lane… the note cards! The denim pencil bag! The cosmetics bag we gave you for your bridal shower! :)

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