Beautiful Morning Light

Well, we have met our upstairs-cleaning deadline: the guest bedroom is now in clean, neat, guest-ready shape just in the nick of time.  (My dad’s arriving tomorrow!)  The rest of the upstairs is still a little messy, but I think he can handle it.

Since the house work was coming along smoothly and it was only drizzling the tiniest amount, I had a chance to take my camera out on Max’s walk this morning.  I feel like I haven’t had much time to take photos in the last week or two, so it was really nice to take a little time for it this morning.

Bare Branch

The light was really pretty – very cold and clean.

I seem to be on somewhat of a berry kick these days, and I took the opportunity to nab some more: both lonely on a bare tree …

Lonely berries on a bare tree.… and blue:

Blue Berries

It looks like we have a relatively non-wet week ahead, and as tomorrow afternoon marks my official break from house work to enjoying having visitors in town, hopefully I will have time to get out with my camera a little more – and save you from boring photos of clutter and rags.

(And I still have a lot of photos from our “mini tour” of Oregon in September … I will finish going through those some day.)

Any thoughts? Leave a reply here!

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