Snow (Finally!)

Last year we had sticking snow the day we drove out to get our Christmas tree (in early December) but this year we’ve only had one flurry – until this morning.  We’ve had flurries on and off since we woke up, and best of all, a little bit has held on.

Snow and Roses


It’s not really cold enough for it to keep sticking, and most of it has melted away.

Branch, dripping with snow melt.


But some snow is better than no snow!

Snow, resting on leaves.


6 thoughts on “Snow (Finally!)

    • I also love it. I love more snow, too, but it *is* nice not to have to shovel it, tromp through it, and so on…. I’m beginning to think the ideal thing is to live here, where we get beautiful flurries from time to time, and go visit places with more snow once or twice a winter!

      Did you have a good trip? I was wondering where you were. (Not that you don’t have a perfect right not to visit if you don’t want to, but I was hoping everything was OK!)

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