Knitting Mittens


I realize that I have been neglecting to write about my knitting progress lately – and for the good reason that I have for the most part been neglecting my knitting.  The last few weeks have been filled with unpacking, organizing, de-cluttering, and having fun with our various visitors, and I have barely had a chance to work on my own projects.

There is one pre-Thanksgiving finished object that I haven’t yet shared, though: a pair of sock weight finger-flap mittens.  I modeled them on a machine-knit pair that I was given for Christmas several years ago, and that I wore out completely and darned and re-darned, and are now unsalvageable.
Finger-flap mittens



The handy part is that the top flips down and hangs down at the back of your hand.  The original store bought pair had a button to secure them, but I haven’t added that yet, and am undecided whether to or not.  It was a nice touch, but I rarely actually buttoned them down.

Here are the mittens in their flap-down conformation, left mitten from the back and right from the palm.Finger flaps down



I am not entirely pleased with them.  I like the increase style (visible above on the palm, near the thumb, of the right mitten) and the long, squishy cuff, but there’s not enough overlap between the flap and mitten when the flap is up – part of the fingers are left exposed to the cold.  I also need to reposition the flap slightly, because as it stands on the purple pair, the thumb has a tendency to twist the mittens inward, putting the flap in an awkward position.  They are fine for me to wear around, but I would like to improve the pattern.

So: now I’m on pair two.  I finished the purple set before Thanksgiving, and cast on some blue ones during the vacation, and you can see that I haven’t gotten very far yet.

Finger-flap mittens, take 2


To be fair, I am making the cuffs on this pair longer, so I’d be quite a bit further – past the thumb, I think – if I were following my first pattern exactly.  I intend to finish these and another small project I have in the works (socks) this month, and then begin to tackle my sweater in January.  Resolution!

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