Speedskating Week

We spent the holidays in Salt Lake City, hanging out and having fun – and, primarily, watching Jonathan skate in the national championships.  He’s not been up to his usual form this fall, so his times weren’t as fast as they normally are, but we all had a lot of fun at the meet – particularly me, since I had a shiny new toy to play with!  For Christmas, John bought me a new lens – a 55-210 mm zoom (35mm equivalent: 82.5-315mm) – and I have had a great week becoming familiar with it.

However: this is the single, solitary photo I took of Jonathan racing:

5000 meter start

It’s the very beginning of his 5k, the moment the gun has gone off – and from then on, I took video of his races instead of photos – so that’s that.

But I took plenty of shots around the oval, of other racers, and the giant Olympic wall posters…

Vancouver Poster

…and the flags…

Oval Flags

… and Jonathan doing various things other than racing.


Looking Pleased


Cool Down

(He’s in the practice lane, cooling down after his 10k, in the last shot – so skating, but not racing.)

As I said, it wasn’t a very good meet for him at all, but since he’s such a strong distance skater he still came in 2nd in the 5k, 1st in the 10k, and 1st in the allaround competition (which is a compilation of the 500, 1500, 5000, and 10,000).  Is that fact more a commendation for Jonathan, or an indictment of the weakness of the US team?  I’m not sure – perhaps both equally – but either way, hooray medals!

Gold Medal!

And hooray, Jonathan!

Allaround Gold!

He’s on the upswing, and we are sure there will be lots of good results in the next couple of months.


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