Birthday Sparklers

While we were in Salt Lake City, John had a significant birthday – he’s flipped over a decade, and now is 30!  (Happy Birthday, John!) For his birthday gift, Mom and Dad took us all to La Caille, which is a very tasty, very beautiful restaurant up at the foot of the mountains.

La Caille

Afterward, amidst the beautiful Christmas decorations and glittering snow, we lit giant sparklers and played.

Lighting Sparklers


Lighting more sparklers

This was supposed to be in lieu of birthday candles, since we couldn’t bake a cake, but it was pretty cold so we didn’t go through all thirty.

I also don’t have a large enough maximum aperture (on either my old lens or new) to capture these nighttime shots blur-free – but you can see how happy we all were, despite the cold.



fun with sparklers!


We had lots of fun trying to write things in the dark (although Jonathan’s “happy birthday John” didn’t get past the h) …

sparkling infinity

… and were grateful to be able to warm ourselves by the fire afterward.

Post-sparkler Fireside Warmth

9 thoughts on “Birthday Sparklers

  1. Love it! I’m going to copy-cat your family and have sparklers for my birthday this year. The pictures are lovely also. Snow and lights are always good together.

    • Yes, it was beautiful! A little cold… or rather, very cold … but it was a great idea of Mom’s. She first bought sparklers for Ryan’s 18th birthday this year and it went so well, she’s carrying it on.

      (Hopefully your birthday is at a time of year that you can be outdoors without your toes freezing off! Although of course it’s never that cold around here, is it? Perhaps I should say, at a time of year when the rain won’t dampen the celebration.)

      • No such luck, March is one of the rainiest craziest weather months around here and also my birthday month. But I think I’ll do sparklers anyway – at the beach – in a monsoon. :) (if I can get the lighter lit)

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