9 thoughts on “Squirrel Buddy

  1. I have to admit, I’m envious of your new camera lens, with zoom. I recently visited Costa Rica and had a spectacular time but most of my pictures of wildlife are very blurry or “that bump over there on that far away tree – that’s a sloth.” Nice squirrel pic & enjoy the power of zoom!

    • I really am! I have had so many frustrating photos, just like you describe. “There’s a raptor of some sort up there, I promise, really!”

      What kind of camera do you use?

      And was Costa Rica your trip in December? I’m glad you had such a good visit!

      • It’s a Coolpix, from back when 8 megapixels was the top of the line and it was/is my first digital camera. I can’t remember the model number, but it has no zoom lens, just a teeny bit of internal zoom, but the lens doesn’t extend to help out, so the zoom just makes things blurry.

        • Well, you’ll definitely be in for a treat whenever you upgrade… I just went last year from a 9 year old 2.3 mp kodak to my new sony (which isn’t by any means top of the line) and I am just having so much fun with it.

          (Perhaps that was already obvious ;) )

          It’s hard to know when to switch, though. Cost was a huge prohibiting factor for a really long time, and then of course, there are always new features coming out, so it was hard to make the jump to actually purchasing. But it was a lot of fun to look and read reviews while I was deciding!

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