Knitted Gifts

While we were in Salt Lake City, I got a few photos of some of the things I’ve knit for Mom over the last several years.  Intend to put all of these up on Ravelry sooner or later, but for now, they are here at least.

Here is a loop-d-loop scarf that is perhaps the first item I knitted (or 2nd) after a 15 year hiatus.

Loopy Scarf

(I say loop-d-loop, because it’s from Teva Durham’s book.  It’s actually called the chain-link scarf, which is more boring.)

I didn’t actually follow her pattern, but I was inspired by the look, and the ease of starting a project that looked interesting and fun while still being a good beginner item: each piece was small and straightforward.  (My main change to the pattern was to use a 2×2 rib for each link rather than stockinette.)

This Summer Flies Shawl was my first attempt at shawl-making, and I was quite pleased with the result, although in hindsight, I would have used larger needles.  I wanted something small and lightweight, though.  (The yarn was Schaefer – the first and perhaps last time I knitted with it.  Rumor is they are not selling any longer….)

Summer Flies shawlette


Mom wearing Summer Flies


This is perhaps my favorite project ever: and the first (and so far, only) time I’ve done entrelac.  I did not love the process, which is why I haven’t done another yet, but I do love the result…

Entrelac ScarfIt’s done with little squares knitted diagonally, back and forth – lots of picking up stitches along the edge.

Knitted diamonds

Here it is up close…

Entrelac up close


This shawl has a rather sad history.  I knit one for John’s grandmother, for her 90th birthday; she loved it so much that I made a second for my mom’s mother also.  Unfortunately, she passed away two days after I had mailed it off to her.  It’s not a happy history to revisit, but since Mom “inherited” the shawl, and wears it from time to time – and since I enjoyed making it, and do like the simple lace pattern – I’m including it here.

Kidsilk Haze Lace


It’s a pattern sort-of from Mason-Dixon Knitting, although I only did half the scarf… It’s supposed to be folded with a contrast color, with the pattern flipped 90 degrees.  But I like it single-layer!

Rectangular Lace


8 thoughts on “Knitted Gifts

  1. Is the yarn from the shawl the one I learned on (i.e. “ruler” and camera case)? Happy memories of learning from you :)

  2. They are not only beautiful, but great to wear. I find them warm, cozy, and attractive all at once. I always get compliments on your favorite — I call it the diamond pattern— and the others some of the time. Thanks!!!

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