On the needles: shawl #2

RIght now, I’m working on an evening shawl.  I’m going to be in a wedding next month, and since it’s evening dresses in the middle of winter I decided I’d need something extra for warmth.  Coincidentally, my closest local yarn shop just got in some of the most beautiful, luxurious yarn I’ve seen – half and half cashmere and silk, with a tiny metallic thread lending a hint of sparkle.  (It’s Artyarns Ensemble Glitter Light, for those who are interested.)

I’m working it in the “Dinner in the Eiffel Tower” shawl pattern (by Jessie Dodington) and am really enjoying the project.  It’s a beautiful, soft yarn to work with, and apart from some rather horrible purl-two-through-the-back-loops, it’s a fun and easy pattern.  It’s got various Eiffel Tower themed elements, like a lattice lace that looks a little like the tower itself, and ridges that are reminiscent of the platforms.

Lattice Lace and Eyelets


Of course, you can hardly see the pattern.  For one, the shawl is all scrunched up on my needles – and additionally, lace is always scrunchy and weird looking until it gets blocked out.  I hope to have a nicely blocked “after” photo for you next week, but for now, it’s coming along – scrunchy or not!

Shawl in progress

It’s only my second (non-rectangular) shawl, and I feel like I’m learning a lot about shawl shaping.  I’m looking forward to learning how to design some shawl patterns.  Maybe my third will be my own design?


12 thoughts on “On the needles: shawl #2

    • Thanks. I actually cast it off this weekend, but am now having a debate with myself. I hoped to use up as much of the entire skein as possible, but was skittish about running short on the cast-off row … and in the end, have about 50 feet of yarn left over. I’m kicking myself for not doing one or two more rows of garter at the end. So now, the dilemma – do I rip back? My last row was over 500 stitches, so that would be a pain. Or maybe I can crochet a little edge around the whole thing until the yarn is gone. Or, should I just forget about it and keep a tiny ball of luxury in my scrap bag?


      • I would say if the shawl looks long enough when you wear it, leave it as-is, and keep the extra yarn in case of repairs (or maybe you can crochet a flower for your hair, or to tie onto your evening bag?)… undoing 500 stitches sounds awful!

        • Wow – excellent idea. *That* is what I am going to do. The thought had crossed my mind that I could knit wrist warmers, or a bracelet, or something else sort of small and decorative – but a flower will be perfect! Thanks :)

          • I made one flower while sitting at Peet’s with Crystal, and it’s a little droopy, but hopefully blocking will help. (Or a ton of starch, or just sewing it down to something, perhaps…) I think I still have enough yarn for a 2nd and maybe even a 3rd, so I’m going to go down a couple more needle sizes for the next ones.

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