Buffy Toughie

I’ve cast off my shawl, and am within about 2 rows of kitchenering up my noro socks.  I have a couple of other projects that need finishing, but I also have a couple of yarns that I’m eagerly looking forward to using.

I’m posting this one because I love the yarn, I love the color, and I love the way the photo turned out, except that I didn’t quite get the whole ball in the shot.  (Boo.)Pigeon


It’s Buffy Toughie by Juno Fibre Arts, in the “Pigeon” color, although if I’d named it, I’d have called it something else.  But I’m not telling what!  I have something very specific in mind for it, and I intend to write up the pattern (assuming the project goes as planned), and name it what I think the yarn’s perfect name is.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to this next, or a few projects from now, but I am really looking forward to it.  It’s 75% Bluefaced Leicester – my first – and I have heard that that sheep’s fiber is wonderful to knit with.  I’m excited!

4 thoughts on “Buffy Toughie

  1. you are what?? kitchenering up my noro socks — i think a glossary is required to allow outsiders to read the knitting material. Let me guess — something invented in Kitchener Ont. to be done when finishing wool NORthern socks called “noros”?

    • OK, now that you mention it, I can see that my previous post was not that clear. I tried to explain the “kitchenering” in my most recent post – just now – and the “noro” just means that I’m using Noro brand yarn. But I think I like your idea better, and perhaps will call all of my thick socks “noros” from now on. :)

      (I should probably have linked to the previous post I put up about the socks, in which I think I mentioned the yarn brand… That might have helped.)

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