Frost vs. Snow

All of the overnight fog (which we’re no longer getting, but did last week and through the weekend) has led to a strange weather phenomenon; we’ve had a sort of frozen precipitation substance layering the outdoors each morning.  John contends that this is frost, and I have to admit that some mornings it’s looked an awful lot like frost – for example, on these snapdragons last Friday.

Snowy Snapdragons

However – my understanding of frost is that it’s moisture in the air that just condenses and immediately freezes on cold surfaces, and that what we’re getting is actually snow.  Very tiny amounts of snow, to be sure, and snow that hasn’t fallen very far – just a few feet down or sideways – but snow nevertheless.

It even looked very snowlike on Sunday….

Snowy Berries?

… and after all, snow is precipitation that forms in a cloud in the air (and fog counts!) and then later lands at its final destination.

What do you think?

Whatever it ought to be called, it was everywhere and very beautiful.  You can see it covering the grass and mulch in yesterday’s photo; that’s how the whole world looked, glazed silver and shrouded in foggy mystery.

4 thoughts on “Frost vs. Snow

  1. Definitely freezing fog. There is no actual precipitation at the moment, so this is moisture from close to the ground and not clouds above. I’m seeing it in especially lower areas also which leads me to fog. I live on a hill and don’t have that frozen effect, it’s just bone dry and cold up top. So that’s my explanation anyway, but I didn’t google it or anything to see if the internet knows more about it than I do. :) Still, it’s so beautiful whatever it is.

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