Girls’ weekend & Alpacas

Dear blog readers,

Please excuse my unannounced absence last week.  Mom came out to visit while John was off at a bachelor party, and we had a very busy weekend.  I feel like I may as well link to what I posted after Jennifer left in December.  The situation was much the same – less cooking and knitting, more quilt shops, but either way, a whirlwind of busy-ness.

And again … we went to visit the awesome alpacas.

Mom, Alpacas


This time, Max was with us, so the alpacas were extremely attentive.  Max made little whimpering noises at them, and they made strange squawking ones back at him.

Maxwell and Mom

But I don’t think they were afraid; they all walked closer to us, instead of freezing in fear or running away.  I really think they were as curious about Max as he was about them.

Alpacas, Artfully Arranged

It was slightly disconcerting that, since they all could hear Max, or see him, or sense him, they stared in our direction continuously.

Alpacas At Attention

And then there was this guy.

Alpaca Concern

This was one of the first shots I took, before they noticed Maxwell.  (And certainly before he had noticed them.)  I can’t remember the exact sequence of things, but I do wonder if this guy was the first to become aware of him.


What do you think: gasp of surprise, or just an innocuous yawn?

Thank you for your patience; I will try to resume normal blogging, although the wedding I’ve mentioned before is coming up next week, and things might be quite busy for us between now and then!


10 thoughts on “Girls’ weekend & Alpacas

  1. Really cute photos! The staring behavior is called vigilance – they are checking you out to see if you’re a threat or not – I guess that’s why their llama cousins make good guard animals for sheep, etc. :) Hope you, your mother, and Max had a fun time!

    • That makes sense, and “vigilance” is certainly a good word for it, but why were they coming closer to us if they weren’t sure if we were friend or foe? Most of them came as close as the fences would allow.

      • I’m not sure, but with cattle, if you stand still eventually they get curious and come closer – but if you move suddenly they will back away (while keeping an eye on you). But the boldness of llamas (so I assume alpacas too) is what makes them good guard animals – they will approach the threat. I saw llamas charging a curious puppy at a fenceline once – very entertaining!

    • It was great fun. We spent a lot of time looking at quilting shops… have you been with your sister? I don’t know if she likes visiting places like that (although I remember she’s a quilter, right?) but there were some places with really awesome samples hanging up. I think Hollyhill was my favorite.

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