Tatted Snowflakes

The yarn shop closest to us has had some beautiful snowflakes hanging in the window all winter, tatted, I believe, by the shop owner’s mother in law.

I have never been really interested in learning to tat, since it seems like you spend forever tying thousands of tiny knots in a piece of string, just to get a little doily or hanky edging or other not-extremely-useful item for the effort.  But these snowflakes are stunning, and I, perhaps ridiculously, am tempted to learn how to tat just so I can make snowflakes to hang in the winter.


Plus, since the material is just a tiny bit of string and a small shuttle, it would be an excellent summertime or purse-portable craft, right?

Tatted Flake

The problem might be that once I start making snowflakes, I may never be able to stop.  They are just…


…so …


… gorgeous.

silhouetted snowflake


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