… but just barely.  I seamed up the arms while waiting for lunch on Saturday afternoon, just hours before the wedding.  Whew!

I ended up ripping almost all the way back (to the second row) one last time, on the airplane on Thursday morning, and knitted through the bridal shower, and a pedicure, and the rehearsal dinner, and getting my hair done on Saturday morning, but it was worthwhile in the end; I think SR was pleased with the end result.

Shrug - finished!


The design element that SR really wanted was the “x” on the back, and I think my version turned out much better than our original inspiration shrug.






14 thoughts on “Finished…

  1. It looks great! I LOVE the x-design you made in the back. I hope you made notes on the final pattern that worked, so you (or others?) can recreate it without the pain in the future. It looks really really pretty!

  2. Yay! You finished, congrats! It sounds very stressful to knit on a deadline but the end result is very pretty and festive. I hope you had a chance to put down your knitting and enjoy the wedding in the end.

    • Thanks! I think it’s like other things on a deadline – for me, at least. I work much more efficiently when I have a time crunch, and usually (!) can finish what I set my mind to. But give me weeks … and I’m a terrible procrastinator.

      And I did enjoy the wedding, in the end. Thanks for asking! (And I didn’t cast on a new project until the next afternoon…)

  3. I like your design much better than first pattern. It looks more interesting with knitted rows, and cable X. Quite beautiful and stunning. Much more professional.

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